Monday, 13 June 2011

N°234 : Noblex 135 ProSport

Noblex 135 ProSport
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This is the electric motordriven rotating lens camera. It can be seen as a further evolution of the Widelux or Russian Horizon. It makes panoramic pictures with a negative size of 24x65, with a 29mm lens. The slow speeds are limited to 1/30 at f4.5 what for a "Crazy Nightlife Photographer with the Horizon202" , like me, is a bit short. Strange feeling when you push the button and you nearly hear anything from the rotation, I asked myself if I made the picture, if I compare with the noisy Horizon. The negatives are a bit longer then the Russian and I feel a bit unconfortable with it. Very sharp lens.

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Witold Riedel said...

these cameras are made by KW in Dresden. It seems to be the same place that manufactured the Praktinas.