Saturday, 20 August 2011

N°262 : Leica M8 pimped with a heavy and dirty Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 4/25

Leica M8 pimped with a heavy and dirty Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 4/25
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Nothing wrong with the Leica M8, just added a M42 to Leica M adapter and the Flektogon on top. The interesting thing about this combo is that the large and unframed viefinder of the Leica nearly matches the field of view, of the Flektogon. The annoying thing is that the viewfinder is half-masked by the huge lens. The lens is dusty and infected with fungus, tried several time to dismantel the lens for a good clean, but didn't succeed, the front is loose, but I can't screw it entirely out of the body of the lens.

N°261 : Agfa ePhoto307

Agfa ePhoto307
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From 1994, the price was around 399 Euro, stills with a resolution of 640x480, 1 ram internal memory with a storagecapacity of 36 pics. The lens is from glass!

N°260 : Olympus Camedia C2500

Olympus Camedia C2500
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1999, 2.3 Megapixels, 36-110 zoom, smartmedia or campactflash memorycards, funny 2 eyed infrared autofocus below the lens., true bridge with TTL vision, with a nice display showing several functions, the APM-modes are selectable, beside the inbuild flash, there is a flash-shoe for additonal ones;

N°259 : Kodak DC 120

Kodak DC 120
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Kodak has always had a passion for boxes, here is the digital version of it. All is packed in : zoom, autofocus, exposition, cardreader, it's a true TTL, with a small screen and accepts compactflash cards, the price was around 800 Euro 1998. 1.2 Megapixel.

Monday, 1 August 2011

N°258 : Yashica A

Yashica A
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The japanese response to the succes of the german Rollei's and Rolleicords. The Yashica A, basic and rather nicely build copy. Simple tlr with separate filmwinder and shutter-clocking, a bit confusing when, for one or another reason, you forget to rewind and clock the mechanism, you get double exposure, you rewind but you forget to clock, you miss 'l'instant décisif".

Thanks to Pascal Blondiau to remind me, I have this one, in my collection.

N°257 : Petri TTL

Petri TTL
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This a bit dull looking Petri TTL could be mistaken for a Praktica. The lens is probably a Yashica clone, and the big ring on the front is for the battery. I'm not very enthousiast for this baby, some cameras needs something special sometimes,...

N°256 : Haking Junior G

Haking Junior G
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Well made copy of a rangefinder completely in plastic. It has a copy chrome, copy metal body, copy glass lens, copy leatherette, the glue that holds the leatherette to the body is not copy but from bad quality.

N°255 : Samsung ECX 1

Samsung ECX 1
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At the site of Sylvain Halgand, they call it a mix between Mickey Mouse and Dart Vader.

This Samsung beast has won the TIPA -award (Technical Image Press Association) 1994/95.

Designed by F. Porche, but who the hell is he? Have a look :

For the rest, it's a many buttons and functionality things, at the end you maybe forget to shoot some pics with it. A bit like the Iphone, most of the time consumers doesn't use it as a phone...

N°254 : Halina Simplette Electric

Halina Simplette Electric
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Rather robust metal build, funny flashrefector on top. It uses 126 cartridges. This is Chinese made, and there is an inscription that's stipulated the use of KODAPAK cartridges, probably a copy of Kodak film. Not sure the Selenium-meter is real or fake! The lens is hard-coated(?).

N°253 : Photina Reflex TLR

Photina Reflex TLR
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Very German-style TLR, high quality material, perfect and angular, whitout any mistake or decorations. Clear viewer and a funny mechanical system that rotates the 2 lenses for focussing.