Friday, 23 September 2011

N°290 : Brownie Starflash Camera

Brownie Starflash Camera
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Huge inbuild reflector for this little guy. This is the french-made version, besides the US one. Inscriptions are in french.

N°289 : Kodak Brownie Starmite Camera

Kodak Brownie Starmite Camera
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Funny little camera with oneshot flash.

N°288 : Minolta Hi-Matic AFM-2

Minolta Hi-Matic AFM-2
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

End of the line for the Minolta Hi-Matics, missing the beauty of the first models. The camera is fully plastic, has a film-motor, automatic exposure, a build-in flash and autofocus, more improvements were hard to made.

N°287 : Yashica Reflex 35

Yashica Reflex 35
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

First SLR from Yashica, the lens is M42, this camera is sadly missing the exposuremeter that slides over the J on the left front of the camera.

N°286 : Fujica V2

Fujica V2
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

A big button on the front let the user choose the speed. V2, I don't know where the name comes from, probably not from the unfamous german bombs, during WWII, Japan and Germany were allied or not?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

N°285 : Kiev 6-C

Kiev 6-C
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

It's huge, its russian, the shutterbutton is on the left side, it smells badly industrial oil, it's 2,120kg heavy, makes 12 views on 120-film, ...I love it.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

N°283 : Canonet QL19 GIII

Canonet QL19 GIII
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

QL = Quick Load
GIII = (up)Grade 3

This is the top of the top of the Canonet serial.

The denomination of "G", is still actual in Canon digital camera's, size, type and design close to the Canonets.

N°282 : Lomo Smena SL

Lomo Smena SL
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Funny weater forecasting on the top plate, works with the rapid filmloadsystem, has a Lomo-lens for the aficionados of the wellknown hype.

N°281 : Meikai EL

Meikai EL
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Simple camera with a "Instant Shutter and Tougodo New MK Lens"?

N°280 : Paxina

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

One of the simple models of the Paxina-line. The lens is collapsible, 3 speeds, 3 diaphragma sizes, 9 possible exposures. Easy to diy a pinhole-camera, removing the lens and just add a pinplate, the collapsed lens is close to the negative to have relatively wide shots.

N°279 : Randstad Panoramic Camera

Randstad Panoramic Camera
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Blue plastic toycamera from Randstand. (Randstad is not the brand of the camera but an interim office)

N°278 : Yashica MG-1 Silver

Yashica MG-1 Silver
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

In the line of the Yashica Electro rangefinders.

Here a silver edition.

N°277 : Yashica MG-1 Black

Yashica MG-1 Black
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

In the line of the Yashica Electro rangefinders.

Here a black edition.

N°276 : Nimslo 3D

Nimslo 3D
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

3D, but four lenses. Nowadays some companies still develop the lenticular 3D pictures. Interesting is that besides this technique, the camera can be used for simple stereoscopic pictures, cross-eyed or parallel. By cutting of the negatif separation inside the camera it's possible to make a panoramic of it.

Friday, 16 September 2011

N°275 : Ratcam Black Polaroid SX70

Ratcam Black Polaroid SX70
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Found in fotogear with a Nikon F1, this black boy has a bad skin, a missing shutter, but seem in a mechanical working order. The shutterbutton is missing, seems to work with electrical contact, maybe time to DIY.,...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

N°274 : Pentax istD, Wide Fisted.

Pentax istD, Wide Fisted.
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

I just had to screw this Sony 0,7 wide lens addon, to the Pentax.

Strangely it works very well, a bit blurry at the edges and whitout spherical deformation.

The equivalent is : (Pentax APS-C x 1,5) - (Wide lens x 0,7) - (on the 18mm-55mm zoom) makes a nice 19mm fullframe (equiv).

N°273 : Minolta Riva Zoom 105i White Version

Minolta Riva Zoom 105i White Version
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

I posted the black version some times ago, here is the white version.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

N°272 : HP Photosmart 215

HP Photosmart 215
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Found on the net : Manufacturer Overview.

The subject of this review is HP's PhotoSmart 215 digital camera, a 1.3-megapixel unit designed for the ultimate in operating simplicity. As such, it lacks the controls for exposure and white balance adjustment we're accustomed to seeing on the more advanced cameras we commonly test. Even lacking such controls though, it proved surprisingly adept at producing usable images under a wide variety of shooting conditions. For those images requiring post-capture tweaking and adjustment, we found its software to be both friendly and functional. While other cameras may boast higher resolution or more advanced exposure controls, the PhotoSmart 215 offers an easy entry to the world of digital photography at a very affordable price: If you're mainly interested in emailing images or prints 4x6 inches or smaller, the PhotoSmart 215 could be a good choice.

...and this was 10 years ago.

N°271 : Red Xerox Giveway Camera

Red Xerox Giveway Camera
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Not produced by Xerox, but it has his imprint.

Digital toycamera with interesting design, red in chubby plastic.

I forget to mention : 0,3 Megapixel, Entire Glass Single Focus Lens, F. NO=1.8 (waaooow), Focal Distance F= 6.0 (I think, it's hard to get anything sharp with such a combination.)

N°270 : Casio QV-10A

Casio QV-10A
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

I always asked myself why rotating lenses are good for?

Ok, for the point and shoot with the viewer, Ok, for the waist-level viewer, Ok, for the point and view screen,...

But with rotating screens or lenses, you get, if you are acrobatic, an endless of possible combinations of body and camera for shooting, that can beat the Kamasutra!

N°269 : Wrong Design : Chinon Micro 35 EF

Wrong Design : Chinon Micro 35 EF
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Nice and compact, with the funny plastic door to uncover the lens...but...

If you are right-handed, you probably want to hold the camera on its right side, to press the shutter aswell...but...

...your fingers will cover the flash...

Maybe designed for users with a two-fingers right hand.

N°268 : Dixons Disc 5000

Dixons Disc 5000
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Flapping out the plastic cover to find a two lenses disc-camera.

Dixons is a british reseller of consumer electronics.

N°267 : Konex Burgerking

Konex Burgerking
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Very tastefull combination. 110 film.

N°266 : Toma M-616

Toma M-616
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

How to fit a motor, a flash, batteries, and an expositionmechanism with electronics, in a camera,...make it loooong!

Owners of Lomo LCA, could be jealous on this one, the Toma has 2 bright red leds in the viewer indicating that the flash is ready and that the exposition is correct.

N°265 : Revueflex, Zenit 3M for Export.

Revueflex, Zenit 3M for Export.
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Export version and identical to the Zenit 3M. No cyrillcs here. It was the cold war. This one comes with the Helios 44, Industar vesion also made.

N°264 : Kodak Retinette F

Kodak Retinette F
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Found at " La braderie de Lille", this camera has the inscrition "Made in Germany" on his back and has a french-made lens, probably a past- WWII-collaboration. Notice that the metal of the frontpanel is oxidised by the years. Surely not made by the Krupp-factory. The french were well know as rusty-car builders in the past.

N°263 : Voigtlander Vito B

Voigtlander Vito B
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Nice and compact, Skopar mounted Voightlander. Funny pose-counter with inverse numbers on top of the lens, it counts also in reverse.