Sunday, 27 December 2009

N°117 : Actionsampler

Overpriced packaging.

Bought for 1 Euro, Diksmuide, Belgium.

N°116 : Diana F

Original Diana F, with retro packaging. Not the overpriced one from lomography. I went to Paris and saw these lomography Diana's in Centre Pompidou's design shop and at Virgins Megastore...for 12 times the price of the fleamarket...
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°115 : Minolta Wheatermatic A

Ceci n'est pas une pipe, c'est une camera.(Hommage à Magritte)

Free from Ebay.

N°114 : Vivitar UWS + Leitz 21mm viewer

A bit of Irony

Vivitar UWS : Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°113 : That's All Folks!

110 Toycamera.

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°112 : I Exclude Leica.

Konica RF + LTM/M42 Adapter + Tokina 17mm + Heliar 15mm Viewer.

Konica RF : Bought for 350 Euro, Ebay.
LTM/M42 Adapter : Bought for 25 Euro, Ebay.
Tokina 17mm : Bought for 15 Euro, Westende, Belgium.
Heliar 15mm Viewer : Bought for 12 Euro (camera+viewer+15mm Heliar), Westende, Belgium.