Saturday, 18 June 2011

N°237 : Ricoh 800 EES

Ricoh 800 EES
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And again a lovely Ricoh...

(Peter knows better, I repeat myself)

Peter Carly has a similar camera and he's driving me nuts with it!

N°236 : From Ukraina with love : Kiev

From Ukraina with love : Kiev
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The Germans invinted the Contax, the Sovjets stealed the factory after WWII and created this nice copy, Helios-103 mounted lens, compatible with Nikon S2, the Japanese copied the Contax. (cultural difference)

N°235 : Le Clic

Le Clic
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This "Made in U.S.A." from the 90's has one of the most ugly colorcombination : faded turquoise and grey white. The thing, is rather big and strongly build, it's probably designed for children with bad taste. Their parents, who have to buy the camera have the same taste.

Monday, 13 June 2011

N°234 : Noblex 135 ProSport

Noblex 135 ProSport
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This is the electric motordriven rotating lens camera. It can be seen as a further evolution of the Widelux or Russian Horizon. It makes panoramic pictures with a negative size of 24x65, with a 29mm lens. The slow speeds are limited to 1/30 at f4.5 what for a "Crazy Nightlife Photographer with the Horizon202" , like me, is a bit short. Strange feeling when you push the button and you nearly hear anything from the rotation, I asked myself if I made the picture, if I compare with the noisy Horizon. The negatives are a bit longer then the Russian and I feel a bit unconfortable with it. Very sharp lens.

N°232 : Ricoh 35 EFS

Ricoh 35 EFS
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Upgraded with flash and plastics from their classic small point to shoot cameras, this design has lost a lot of the charming metal bodies. The body is made by Konica, the lens is a Rikenon, similar of their previous cams. EFS means Electronic Flash System, not sure about this.

N°231 : Ricoh 500 G

Ricoh 500 G
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Lovely small rangefinder, made in Holland (besides cheese, tulips and coffeeshops,...) My photographer and friend Peter Carly has a similar camera and he's driving me nuts with this camera!

N°230 : Seagull 203-1

Seagull 203-1
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Modern Vintage? This camera dates from 1992, looks like a vintage folding but has some modern features : a coupled rangefinder, a release-button on top and a levelwinder, relatively cheap in comparasion with other similar modern vintages : Voigtlander Bessa, Fuji 645,...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

N°229 : Faulty M39 Jupiter 11 on Leica IIIc

Faulty M39 Jupiter 11 on Leica IIIc
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I found this beauty on a fleamarket in Ostend, Belgium. The price was 60 Euro. Nothing wrong with the Jupiter 11, the Leica IIIc has a slow first curtain and a bit faulty slow speeds, but that's for later,... The strange thing is : this russian lens was made for a the early Zenit's with a M39 fitting before the got the M42 lensfitting. This lens works only at closer distance because the distance between film and lens is different between M39 and M42. So this combination only works for macro. Can you imagine the impossible work to get something macro sharp with this rangefindercombination! Anyway good lens, good camera, good price, happy me!

N°228 : Focaflex

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A rangefinder whitout a viewer? No.
A SLR whitout a pentaprism? Yes.

It's a SLR with a mirrorsystem, like the Pentina.

In the movie "Le Corniaud", the french actor Bourvil has this camera around his neck.

French made.

Bought for 5 Euro, Mariakerke, Belgium.

N°227 : Minolta XD7

Minolta XD7
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

N°226 : Joycam

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Ergonomic : No
Beautiful : No
Economical : No
Ecological : No
Easy to use : No
Strong : No

......euhh....let's call it....."The Joycam"....

Thursday, 9 June 2011

N°225 : Cosina CX-2

Cosina CX-2
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Before the LCA,...
Before Lomography,...

And here we go again, what Lomo-Optics did with the Cosina CX, Lomography did the same with photography : stealing and copying the best part of it, for own benefit.

Bought for 2 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°224 : Miranda

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Toycamera, or low tech camera, this blue plastic has a bit of the Chinon's open-the-door-to-pop-up-the-lens thing. The previous owner has repaired the camera with nice blue electrical tape.

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°223 : Cinderella Cam : Minolta SRT 101

Cinderella Cam : Minolta SRT 101
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Found this bumpy old beauty, absolutely dirty in a pile of junk. It had a hard fall on the pentaprism, some plungeon in acid water, and some 20 years of cellar dust on it. I cleaned them up and this magnificent lens on a working body appears. The Cinderella Cam.

Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°222 : Praktica Mat

Praktica Mat
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1966, 100.000 were produced, so there are still 99.999 units around, ....theorycally,....

Bought for 10 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

N°221 : Olympus 35-LC

Olympus 35-LC
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Rangefinder 1967, a big sized compact rangefinder, nice fast lens. Coupled CDS-meter. The plastic leatherette is hard to clean, dust gest stucked in the sproket, I use a toothbrush...

Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°220 : Olympus 35-DC

Olympus 35-DC
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Around the 70's, smaller ragefinder with nice sharp and fast lens, notice that the camera'll not fire whitout battery, the timer-lever is down, and will be, untill I put a new battery, to activate the shutter.

Bought for 4 Euro, De Haan, Belgium.

N°219 : Olympus 35-ED

Olympus 35-ED
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Cheaper version in the Olympus rangefinder family, lens less faster (f 2.8).

Bought for 2 Euro, De Haan, Belgium.

N°218 : Olympus 35-ECR

Olympus 35-ECR
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

If I believe the logo on the left, this camera should work with nuclear energy; Yashica has a similar logo on the G-series.

Bought for 1 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium

N°217: Olympus XA-2

Olympus XA-2
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Same chaping as Lomo LCA, Minox, Cosina CX, same style of plastic, feeling, use,...the flash is half so big as the camera.

Bought for 2 Euro, Koksijde, Belgium.

Please visit :

N°216 : Voigtländer VSL-1

Voigtländer VSL-1
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This lovely and heavy slr is a Rollei made in Singapore, the lens is pretty the same as a Tessar and the name Ultron is still associated with Leica M lenses made by Voigtländer. Very nice bokeh with the Utron.

Bought for 10 Euro, Lille, France.

N°215 : Movikon 8

Movikon 8
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Magnificent design on this spring 8mm moviecamera. Zeiss Ikon Stutgart. The reseller told me that this camera was used in Belgian Congo colony years ago, sadly no films aviable to see what the cam had filmed.

Bought for 15 Euro, Brugge, Belgium.

N°214 : Noname 3D

Noname 3D
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Anybody knows it?

N°213 : Contaflex Super B

Contaflex Super B
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This camera belongs to Peter Carly.

Sadly it has a sticky shutter, the seleniumcell isn't working and the slow speeds are erratic.

Tessar 2,8/50

N°212 : Contaflex Super B

Contaflex Super B
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This camera belongs to Peter Carly.

Sadly it has a sticky shutter, the seleniumcell isn't working and the slow speeds are erratic.

Pro-Tessar 4/35

N°211 : Contaflex Super B

Contaflex Super B
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This camera belongs to Peter Carly.

Sadly it has a sticky shutter, the seleniumcell isn't working and the slow speeds are erratic.

Pro-Tessar 4/115

N°210 : Mercury Univex II

Mercury Univex II
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Latest gem in mij collection, the little boy camed with a stuck shutter, the WD-40 helped a lot to make it working again. Funny wheel-shutter, turning around with the same speed, the interval between the 2 slices of the wheel determines the reel shutterspeed, unique system. Windingknop left front, speed setting right, diaphragma and distance on the lensbarrel. Halfframecamera, 72 shots on regular film. The lens is 35mm, so in halfframe 70mm. The calculation of exposure and speed is very complicated if you refer to the tables on the back. Common in the US, rare in Europe. Aluminium alloy of very poor quality. 1958.

N°209 : Polaroid 340

Polaroid 340
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Heavy Artillery!

N°208 : Polaroid SX 70

Polaroid SX 70
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Polaroid SX 70 Accesorized : Woctron Flash, Remote Controller, Lens Shade, Filter Holder, Macro Lens, Camera Holder...enjoy the gadgets!

N°207 : Richard Six

Richard Six
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

As Sylvain Halgan says : It's a Goldeck V rebaptised in "Richard Six" for the Swiss market.

Who the hell calls a camera Richard?

Maybe Richard,....

N°206 : Dana

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Those Chinese, they copy everything even the worse things and they do not think too much to find a name for it !
Dana, the Diana-copy. The winder is placed on the opposite side as on the Diana and there is a level mechanisme for the shutter inside the body, maybe a better copy then?

N°205 : Polaroid EE100

Polaroid EE100
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Open the very black plastic box and a Polaroid will pop-up!

N°204 : Slitcam

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Not a spinner, a slitcam!
I will never mention the evil four letter-word of the company who is selling this.

N°203 : Gaf Memo 35 ET

Gaf Memo 35 ET
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Gaf : General Aniline & Film Co

Gaf Memo 35 ET = Chinon 35EE

Lens Xytar from Cyberspace!

N°202 : Franka Solida Record

Franka Solida Record
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Rather rare and dull-looking Franka
The camera has 2 viewers, with a switch. One is for 4x4, the other for 6x6.
This camera resolves the problems of cropfactors by cutting of the neg, or is it a zoom,...troubles myself,...

N°201 : Certi Meyer Optic Gorlitz

Certi Meyer Optic Gorlitz
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This little boy is shaped like a tank, no-nonsense design with geometrics, build from heavy metal and bulletproof iron, the color is grey-green army like, and it could be maden in some arsenal from the former GDR at Meyer-Optic Gorlitz.

N°200 : Mamiya MSX 500

Mamiya MSX 500
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Not much to say about this one, there is a pin to fix the excellent M42 50/1:2 Mamiya Sekor Lens.

N°199 : Ihagee Zenith

Ihagee Zenith
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Folding with a "Doppel Periskop" lens 135mm, for 9X12 plates

N°198 : Chinon Handyzoom 5001

Chinon Handyzoom 5001
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Probably the most ugly camera of my collection, took me 5 min to find out how you could use the motorized zoom. It has to make with ergonomics I think. There was a period that cameras had to look like camcorders to look modern, cyberpunked!

N°197 : Pentax PC45AF + Winder PC35

Pentax PC45AF + Winder PC35
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Autofocus camera with an additional and removable winder. Notice the sliding lenscover that mask the flash when open, flash has to be extended to be used.

N°196 : Kodak Advantix T700

Kodak Advantix T700
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Grey-greenisch in rubber-plastic, from times of the APS-revolution! Popup flash with see-trough lens cover.

N°195 : Vivitar Opus

Vivitar Opus
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Rather uncommon camera and design, uses 110 film and 2 AAA batteries, pocketsized in plastic. Motorized filmtransport all automatic.

Vivitar doesn't make cameras, but resell some Japanese and Chinese made photographic equipment, under their own label.

This camera comes probably under other brandnames too.

N°194 : Grip Pac

Grip Pac
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

It has a viewer, a shutter, a rewinding mechanism and a shitty brown color.

110 cartridges, plastic cover, with a good grip, for slippery hands.

N°193 : Rex Flash

Rex Flash
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

I still haven't found the flash yet, maybe it's hidden somewhere,...

6x6, probably from Coronet, bakelite, the back is metal.

N°192 : Corvi I

Corvi I
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Subminiature bakelite toycamera, not much to find about this one.

N°191 : Ilford Sportman

Ilford Sportman
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

It's a German-made camera by Dacora, made for..., euh,... English footballers!

The rangefinderwindow is fake!

N°190 : Halina Paulette Electric

Halina Paulette Electric
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

I reviewed the camera already, just changed the loosed skin by this blue skin.


N°189 : Voigtlander Vito I

Voigtlander Vito I
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This camera works a bit like the 35mm Rapid System, there are 2 canisters and no sprocket winding mechanism, I suppose in the 1940's you could buy film with or whitout sprockets!

N°188 : Longchamps

Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Bakelite Tlr, made in France (means it was export), around 1940.

N°187 : Kodak Baby Brownie

Kodak Baby Brownie
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

This camera is shaped like an Art Nouveau heating element, just open the frontdoor and add cokes too heat it up!