Monday, 9 August 2010

N°175 : Nova Capri

Nova Capri
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Not a camera, not a toycamera, a toy. Green.

Bougt for 0,50 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

N°174 : Nova Venezia

Nova Venezia
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Not a camera, not a toycamera, a toy. Yellow.

Bougt for 0,50 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

N°173 : Hanimex 35 ES

Hanimex 35 ES
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Hong-Kong Chinese red.

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°172 : Ricoh SLX 500

Ricoh SLX 500
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Shaped like a Zenit, bright viewer and M42 lens.

Bought for 10 Euro, Zeebrugge, Belgium.

N°171 : GAF 220

GAF 220
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Ex Ansco, GAF made some interesting cameras. Nice woody-skinny leatherette and rather fine design for this 110 camera.

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°170 : Maginon 501

Maginon 501
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For the daltonians, this should be orange.

Bought for 1 Euro, Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

N°169 : Kowa H

Kowa H
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Coupled seleniummeter, you set speed, the aperture is automatic, fixed lens.

Bought for 15 Euro, Brugge, Belgium.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

N°168 : Vintage Pentax H2

Vintage Pentax H2
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1859, still working, a bit of oxidation, strange clocking-mechanism on the lens, nicely yellow coated glass.

Bought for 5 Euro, Oostduinkerke.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

N°167: Rollei Red Snake Skin SL 35

Rollei Red Snake Skin SL 35
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Pimped the bad-dull-black-skinned Rollei SL 35 from the fleamarket at 10 Euro, with a synthetic-red-snake-skinned-leatherette free from a fleamarket lost old ladies handbag that I took from the ground and cutted in pieces.

Bought for 10 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°166 : Pentax Espio145M

Pentax Espio145M
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Another woody-plastic design with this in the front polished aluminium and in the back plastic design, powerfull zoom. All automatic.

Bought for 1 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

N°165 : Pentax Dark Knight

Pentax Me + Winder.

Bought for 10 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°164 : Minolta P's

Interesting all automatic compact point to shoot camera with a 24mm lens, panoramic cutout on 35mm film. Very plastic, soap-like shaped design.

Bought for 15 Euro, Ebay.

N°163 : Trust Powercam 550

No comments,...or too bad for comments...
Bought for 1 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

N°162 : Zebraktica

Ok, it's a bad name, but it's a nice camera,...
Bought for 12 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°161 : Watermatic

Waterreservoir with a valve, a pump and a hole, designed like a camera.
Speed : depending on the pressure on the red button.
Focus : macro to 1 meter.
About 50 shots by each filling.
The flash is fake, the viewer real.
Bought for 1 Euro, Torhout, Belgium.

N°160 : Clockwork Zenit

A bit of a Harley-Davidson look also,...
Bought from Willy for 15 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°159 : Memo

Bizarre, bizarre,...

The camera is a more-then-often-seen plastic cheap chinese made thing.
It has as slidedoor and this very strange lens addon.
The addon is a, sharp in the middle and blurry around, thing. I has also an inner mirror, maybe for selfportraits. In the front of the transparent addon you can slide plastics sheets, cuttings or filters to add an supplementary effect.
Was the designer high on crack or a freaky genius...? He could work as chief designer for Lomography I guess...
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°158 : Nikon AF 600

Very nice all automatic camera, sharp 28mm Nikon lens, all pocketsized.
Panoramic cutout function.
Very unpleasant and noisy electric chainsaw-like motor.
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°157 : Zenit 412 LS

Curvy, fatty, questionable, heavy, plastic, unreal, fantastic, ugly, awesome, vintage, modern, cult, technology, out of time, M42,...
Please add any more words, to my brainstorming session, it's hard to make a convincing description on this Russian,...

Bought for 50 Euro and 50 Piggypoints, Lomoshop(shame on me).

N°156 : Konica Hexar

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Enjoy the silence

Bought for 165 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°155 : In my Eye.

I collect cameras by visiting fleamarkets. In Bruges, Belgium, I found this item in a pile of junk. First I tought it was a camera, so I do my usual inspection : the shuttertest. Dooooing, the loaded spring shooted out of the box just in my eye,...I mean on my sunglass,... pfff..., I didn't know that cameracollecting so dangerous was...
Bought for 2 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°154 : T2 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good : Carl Zeiss Tessar 3,5/35
The Bad : Kyocera
The Ugly : Yashica

The camera looks awful, unsexy, made from cheap plastic, designless, it makes a very loud noise when the shutter is pushed on, and the film rewinds,..

Ok, it's an all automatic point to shoot camera,...

Carl Zeiss must have turned himself around in his coffin, if he saw this, I think...

The funny thing is that the cultlens is protected by a transparent plastic, as a protection when shooting. It moves to clear the lens en goes back afterward. Hard to clean when dust is in the back of it.

...thank you to the unknown engineer from Yashica or Kyocera for this...

Bought for 6 Euro, Loo, Belgium.

N°153 : Yashica Yellow Planar

The synthetique skins from the Yashica's are so bad that the nearly always need remplacement. I would not replace the Planar.
Bought for 15 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°152 : Maximum Minox

When I first saw this thing, I tought it was a joke or a fake.
Searching the net, I've found that Minox in collaboration with Leica(?), made a line of allautomatic, ugly, cheap, plastic cameras.
Maybe they couldn't sell their beloved Minox GT, and friends, no more and the company had to made hard benefices. The camera was sold 119.00 Euro.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°151 : Rollei Rolleimat F Rolleinon

The camera is plastic.
They mention 3 times the brand name on the front of the camera, probably a way to convince buyers and users that this camera is a real Rollei.
On the net there are different meanings about the camera, some said the lens is Carl Zeiss made, others that this camera is just a cheap thing with a brand name on it.
Will we ever know ?...
Bought for 3 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°150 : Het Volk

Het Volk is a Flamish/ Belgian newspaper, sinds 1945 there is a jearly famous cycling event named by the newspaper " Omloop Het Volk".
The camera is a plastic present, works with a 110 film.
Strangely the Harinezumi is a bit a lookalike.
Bought for 0,50 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°149 : Kodak Euro 35 Legend

When I was in college, suddenly all our books strangely becomes marked in fluo yellow, fluo green and when it was very important in fluo pink. I was not so good in writing during class, so I borrowed my neighbours book back at home The girl was loving this, since then I wear sunglasses...

Don't miss from Kodak : The Euro 35 "Elysees", and the Euro 35" Colors,...

Bought for 1 Euro, Vladslo, Belgium.

N°148 : Pink

It's pink, if you didn't realize yet.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°147 : Keystone Regency

Not much found on the web about this one.
Big heavy all plastic allweather camera.
It's American.

Bought for 2 Euro, 0ostende, Belgium.

N°146 : Ya+ta+chi

When a company produces a piece of junk and want to put a name on it, they are doing brainstorming.
Let's take famous camerabrandnames, cut them in syllabels and join them back togheter, the result :

YA : from Yashica
TA : from Tamron
CHI : from Chinon

...passion for photography...

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°145 : Golden Kodak Disk 3500

Plastic camera with brushed metal glued on top, I think they should made differents design from the cutout to pimp this funny camera. Sadly there are no films no more for these types of cameras.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°144 : The Turtle : Nikon Nuvis S

When ennemy is lurking around, or when danger approaches, or is it shyness, retracting in their shell, it's a biological protection.
...shaped like a tank....
If you show yours, I show you mines...
Bought for 5 Euro, Diksmuide, Belgium.

N°143 : Barbie Polaroid

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

Bought for 2 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°142 : Yashica M

The first of Yashica's rangefinders with seleniummeter.
Nice f1.9 : 45mm lens.
Bought for 10 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°141 : Konica EE-Matic Deluxe

Nice seleniumring around the Hexanon lens.
EE-Matic : Electric Eye Automatic Exposure, or fullautomatic seleniummeter coupled with speed- or aperture-setting.
Bought for 3 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°140 : Brownie Fiesta Camera

A simple single speed snapshot camera that takes 12 exposures on 127 film. The R4 is a modification to the original Brownie Fiesta, manufactured between 1962 and 1966, to utilise flashcubes which have to be rotated manually.
The silverpaper under the transparent parts of the camera looks a bit "frompy", probably due to rain on a Belgian fleamarket. Many cameras have some waterdamages from fleamarketresellers that are exposing their stuff in uncertain weatherconditions.
Bought for 4 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°139 : Transparent Camera

In the line of the Xobbox, this camera has a transparent body that reveals the mechanism, notice the ugly spoonlike lensprotector. Simple toycamera.
Bought for 1 Euro, Torhout, Belgium.

N°138 : panorOma

Nothing wrong with this 28mm toycamera, with a build-in crop-panoramic selector.
Only the chinese translator should review his copy,...
Bought for 0,50 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°137 : Mickey Mouse & Nikon Zoom 300 AF

Was it made on purpose by the Disney Corp. to add some subliminal advertising on the Nikon? Nobody 'll never know...
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°136 : Minoxography

The term "minoxography" was invented by Andy Warhol in the Seventies.
This group is about using Minox 35 compact cameras (GT, PL, ML, AL or what you like) and a special style of shoting from the hip, making blurry pictures, quick snaps, showing nice folks and little details, catching a situation. Reproduce some secrets of everyday life. Do like Andy and James did in the 70s. Plus: if you feel like - use weird techniques, outdated films and secret magic.
Bought for 10 Euro, Diksmuide, Belgium.

N°135 : Miranda AF3

No, it's not from the famous Japanese cameramaker Miranda Co. It's just a serial point-to-shoot all automatic camera with the print on it. Did the reseller did that to honor the camera maker? Probably he did it, to sell it as a quality product labelled "Miranda". The company closed in 1978.
Bought for 3 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°134 : Micona

A while ago I posted the same camera with a different brandname.
Bought for 1 Euro, Keiem, Belgium.

N°133 : Nikca Tennis

Nikon + Canon = Nikca
I don't think so...
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°132 : Aps Kodak Advantix F300

In times that APS was not the size of a sensor, but a filmformat, designers were inventive to design boring camera with a cubic/circular cutout from plastic.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°131 : Yashica Electro 35 GTN

Black Version, the body was made in Japan, not Hong-Kong as the silver ones.
Bought for 5 Euro, Koksijde, Belgium.

N°130 : Minolta 7s

In the line of the Yashica G's, Konica's Auto, Canon Ql's,...
Bought for 5 Euro, De Haan, Belgium.

N°129: Dacora Matic 4D

The 4 buttons left from the lens are shutters, each has a particular focuspoint with a corresponding logo. The leatherette was bad and I pimped the camera with a red one.
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°128 : Zeis Ikon Voigtlander Vitessa 126s electronic

Quite a long name for this little very plastic camera. 126 film.
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°127 : Kodak Euro-35 Colors

From the Euro-35 series, here is the "Color" version. On my previous post I had already the "Legend", now I'm looking for the "Elysees", not sure about the name and the relationship with the design...
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°126 : Mini-Shot Camera

The smallest camera of my collection. It's a little cube when unfolded, works with 110 cartridges.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.