Wednesday, 30 November 2011

N°295 : Leica M8 with Russian Industar-22

Leica M8 with Russian Industar-22
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If you don't want to break your wallet empty with Leica lenses, a nice option is to buy a russian copy of early Leicas, like the Zorki or Fed. They cost on Evilbay around the 50 Euro, then a 50mm M39 - LTM adapter on the same site for 10 Euro. This one has the Industar-22, in fact a russian copy of the Elmar. The results are maybe not so perfect as the Elmar, but they are pretty acceptable. You got also this typical ancient feeling to shoot analog on digital.
At the end my M8 told me : "What have I done to deserve this".

N°294 : Konica Autoreflex TC, The Art of Duct-taping

Konica Autoreflex TC, The Art of Duct-taping
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So, my leatherette is shitty and I like to preserve my beloved SLR, ...let's think,...?
I got some black Duct-tape in the drawer from my garage that fits perfectly as leaterette replacement, let's do it!
The fact that I'm not very handy in doing suh things doesn't matter...
A gift from Peter Carly, found on fleamarket for 1 Euro.

N°293 : Schwarzkopf

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...further description is unneccesary...

A gift from (again) Peter Carly.

N°292 : Nippon AR-4392F

Nippon AR-4392F
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Another member of the Canomatic Brotherhood. This version is a bit cheaper in designs and technics : manual filmwinder, no flash and the metal piece that makes it heavy is sadly missing. Nippon stands for japanese made Nikon and AR-4392F, means that there are probably a huge numbers of previous versions.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

N°291 : Canomatic, the answer to Steve Jobs

Canomatic, the answer to Steve Jobs
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If you want to be part of a hype today, you need to buy : "Heavily Commercialised with A-lot-of Advertised Brand-Stamped Things that your Hyper Neighbour has and that you still not have, but will have, because it's Annoying that your Neighbour is Hyper then Yourself".

Ok besides this, it's a fake SLR and analog filmcamera.

It has 2 viewers, point-and-shoot and a topviewer.

It has a motorwinder, a automatic fash and a motorized zoom, wich I don't know the exact the focal-lenght, probably around 50mm.

To make a strong and heavy feeling, there is some metal pieces in it, that are coming loose after a while.

A nice Robocop-sound is made wen zooming and focussing(?).

The exposure is automatic and only works when the flash is up.

A digital LCD screen on top with : counter, selftimer, film-rewinder, red-eye reduction and some kind of remote controller.

The lens has a fantastic 50mm, 6.3 - 16 plastic pinhole free focus color made-in japan lens.

I just figured what the zoom does : it's a motorized aperture-mechanism for the exposure that is indicated on a small sticker with suns and clouds, you can use it by pushing 2 big red buttons forward and backwards...

I would call the it the Ultimate-I-Analoge-Camera.

Thanks for Jan Pattyn for the gift.