Thursday, 20 August 2009

N°72 : Signal Experience

This is the perfect example of a cheap promotional camera. The camera takes 4 pictures on a print with a small delay between the 4 exposures. This camera was bought togheter with a toothbrush, and 2 tubes of toothpaste for the price of 5 Euro, in a very nicely plastic made packaging. The Lomographic Society International sales the Actionsampler for 30 Euro. The case is closed, I prefer to brush my theets.
Free, Oostende, Belgium.

N°71 : Agfa Silette

Does Silette means "silly" and "small", I don't think so, it's a serious camera, with the legendary Apotar lens and Pronto shutter.
Bought for 4 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°70 : Dacora Dignette

Gold coating on the viewer.
Digne means in french : fit, worthy, dependable, praiseworthy, reliable, trustworthy, dignified,...and ette is to make it smaller. So just combine both words and find out yourself the Dacora Dignette.
Bought for 5 Euro, Menen, Belgium.

N°69 : Canon Prima AS-1

When you encounter a shark and you d'like to take a picture of it, in your tropical divingtrip, be aware that the red circle around the objective could been seen by the fish as an agression. Especially the whitesharks are sensible to this. In their manual, Canon should mention it.
Bought for 6 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

N°68 : Aires Viscount

This noble Japanese has a High Coral 45mm 1/1,9 lens, pretty nice one they said.
The parallax finder has a golden coating, they said.
From Aires.
Bought for 4 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°67 : Fujica ST-901

I didn't have much inspiration for this one, so this are the lyrics of the song I listened when publishing the cam :
I'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase satan out of earth
I'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of earth
I'm gonna send him to outa space, to find another race
I'm gonna send him to outa space, to find another race
Max Romeo
Bought for 7 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°66 : Olympic Zenit TTL

The logo is dated 1980 for the Games of the XXII Olympiad. Boycotted by the USA and 60 other countries as a reaction for the war in Afghanistan. But it didn't helped a lot, it's still war there.
The camera could be used in weightlifting or hammerthrow.
Bought for 7 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

N°65 : Konica Autoreflex TC

When you have a Hexanon lens with a Konica-mount it's worth a cent, if the same glass has a Leica-M then it's very expensive. Save on money and keep the quality : throw your Leica away and use poor-men's Autoreflex.
Bought for 12 Euro, Koekelaere, Belgium.

N°64 : Minoltina-S

Minolta has kids and Super ones.
Bought for 2 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°63 : Bilora Bellaluxa

Do the designer of Bilora really find this one beautiful "Bella" and luxurious "Luxa"?
Maybe Ceaucescu or Brejnev could fall in love with this one.
Ugly is : the leatherette, the flash flash-unit, the trigger, the color-combination, the name of the lens "Biloskop", the size of the camera...
If you know Tintin, then the camera is made for "La Castafiora".
Bought for 2 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°62 : Fujica Compact 35

Fujica's pretentionless compact rangefinder with coupled seleniumcell. Note that the leatherette has dried up and retracted with the years, I recommand shoeshine or moistering creme.
Bought for 4 Euro, Reninge, Belgium.

N°61 : Yashica Junior

I think the J stands for junior, or beginners model. This means, that you have to buy a lightmeter, measure the lightintensity, report it to your camera : f/ and speed setting, get it sharp en shoot,... Junior is on the way to be a professional.
Bought for 4 Euro, Middelkerke, Belgium.

N°60 : Zeis Ikon Erkona

Classic camera with 6x6 or 6x9 picturesize in option. Novar Anastigmat lens.
Bought for 3 Euro, Beauvoorde, Belgium.

N°59 : Fuji's "Star Trek" FZ-3000ZoomDate

An ergonomic camcorderalike heavy plastified all automatic camera from Fuji.
The flash-unit has to be screwed on the body, everthing is a bit oversized.
You can date your pics electronically.
Call it an U.P.O : Unidentitfiable Photographying Object.
Bought for 5 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

N°58 : Leica M6 + Industar-50-2.

The non-agression pact?
German technology meets Russian technology.
Leica M6 + Leica Mount/M42 adapter + Industar 50-2.
Does that make sense?
The lightmetering is working, the focus is guessing.
The lens and the camera are well in balance.
Bought for 750 Euro, Antwerpen, Belgium.

N°57 : Xpan

It has it all :
Supersharp lens, automatic exposure, motorised filmtransport, 2 formats : 24x36 and panoramic, dating, ...
But misses :
Good paint, it weights a ton, has dull design, very expensive, ...
Bought for 850 Euro, Antwerpen, Belgium.

N°56 : Regula's Little Prince

It's all plastic, the selenium-like cell is fake. Exposure is guessing, focus manual.
It has strange literature :
King...the logo is white on red like Leica's.
Regula...from a horror B-film?
Picca cb...latin for small? Cb? this sexual?
Color-Isconar...does it exist in b/w?
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°55 : Bombastic : Nikon F-401

Arnold could have use this camera in the Terminator saga. It's big and oversized, makes awfull noise with the autofocus, the plastic is ugly and cracks on every movement.
Nikonians, I feel pity...
Bought for 10 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°54 : Epoca from Canon

This camera has ears, strange creature, the 2 viewer are awfully small, but it's not a SLR.
I do not understand too much this one...
Bought for 20 Euro, Kapaza.

N°53 : Vitomatic IIa

Well shaped pretentionless camera.
Little bit heavy and metallic for his size, but nicely finished and sharp Skopar lens.
The selenium meter is coupled with speed and aperture, but not automatic, and not seen in the viewer.
Bought for 5 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°52 : Minolta Prod

Very nice attempt from Minolta to create a product with a vintage look and to combine it with autofocus, motorwinder, automatic exposure, DX-reading...
Bought for 20 Euro, Ebay.

N°51 : Camera Unknown

This little fellow was found on a pile of junk, with all the abominabilties (frenglish?), dust, rust, fungus, scratches, loose leatherette,....after a good clean and a new clothing, here is the result...and working...
But what is the brand? Somebody know?
I think I have it...
Clue : Made in Hong-Kong...
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°50 : Voskhod

Soyuz, Lunohod, Salyut, Sputnik, Mir and from the russian cosmos Voskhod.
From outerspace half automatic coupled seleniumcell.
This camera has been made for vertical use, but if turned 90°, it's a normal camera (....?....).
Bought for 5 Euro, Ebay.

N°49 : Italians do it better : Ferrania Ibis 66

Basic popup lens with grey-blue paint and leatherette. Exist also in black.
Bought for 2 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°48 : Italians do it Better : Gaglet, Gadget, Eaglet,...?

Fototecnica's super basic vertical 6x9 box, the paint feels like sandpaper, two speeds I & T (if somebody knows the italian meaning of it please tell me, thanks), I'm not sure about the script, but I think it's Eaglet.
Bought for 2 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°47 : Minolta AF-C

Lomo LCA, Olympus XA, Minox GT, Chinon Bellami,... and Minolta added the autofocus to the "Cultwannabes".
Bought for 10 Euro, Bredene, Belgium.

N°46 : Minolta Riva 105i

Ergonomic, not so small soapbox with a camera inside.
Bought for 2 Euro, Wenduine, Belgium.

N°45 : Casio AF5

The company produces : watches, keyboards, calculators and digital cameras. This one is an analogue one, full automatic, winder manual. Nice red circle to keep the viewers attention on the objective.
Bought for 2 Euro, Bredene, Belgium.

N°44 : Chinon Bellami

Bellami from the french Beautiful Friend, has 2 doors to open with the filmlever to let the Chinonex lens popup from this very compact camera.
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostduinkerke, Belgium.

N°43 : The Real Fake Camera

The only thing a could find real on this plastic thing, is that finally it's a real camera, and all the rest is fake.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°42 : Chinon Belami Autofocus

This AF version of the Bellami is : written on the camera :
Auto Sensor Flash
Auto Program-DX
Auto Loading
Auto Focus
The only manual feature is, that you have to open the "Bellami" door, and push the button to make a picture.
Strange, on previous models, the name is written Bellami, on this camera it's Belami, an error of script or a fake model?
Bought for 3 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°41 : Konica EE Matic

The Deluxe version.
Bought for 3 Euro, Brugge, Belgium.

N°40 : Ricoh R1

Very nice compact 24mm camera from Ricoh. Full automatic with a panoramic function. Nicely finished. Maybe a bit fragile.
Bought for 20 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°39 : Rollei XF 35

When Rollei goes to Singapore and produces a sheap camera with a Sonnar.
Bought for 1 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°38 : Vredeborch Felicetta

Fake meter, much plastic, german made with an italian name (again), ugly but a beauty.
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostduinkerke, Belgium.

N°37 : DDR & Plastic : Certo KN 35

A german with an Italian name (again and again), for all plastic lovers, falls in pieces after 2 films, a nice piece of plastic under the lens avoid that the camera falls forward when in rest. As boring as can be, but I like it.
Bought for 3 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°36 : Agent Orange : LG

Nothing to do with the Korean LCD or plasma TV's brand, it's just a chinese made camera with a LG logo on it. A bit confusing. Designed like the XOBBOX, colorfull and transparent.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°35 : Agfa Compact

Shaped like a little bunker, nice automatic camera from Agfa, with the Orange Dot. The camera has 2 sliding pieces of plastic : one for the viewer, when opened the lens pops out with a slow and painful electric motoric noise, and another slider to protect the Orange Dot, Agfa is very protectfull...
Solinar lens, to reffer to the...sun...maybe...
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°34 : Agfa Optima Sensor Flash

This Agfa Orange Dot is made in.... Portugal... strange ...
The Solitar lens reffers to...loneliness...not shure...
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°33 : Agfa Optima 200

About the lens : Paratic : Strange bug?..., Apotar : Strange disease, malformation?...,Color : Thanks God, I wish I could find a B/W one...
Yes the Orange Dot is here.
Bought for 1 Euro, Nieuwpoort, Belgium.