Sunday, 31 July 2011

N°252 : Petri MF 101

Petri MF 101
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The camera is more Chinon, Pentax or Cosina related then a real Petri. The lens has a PK-mount and is very similar to some Cosina lenses with this lensmount. Petri went bankrupt and probably couldn't make cameras by themself and let the production to other companies .

N°251 : Ifoco Noname

Ifoco Noname
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Ifoco is a reseller of various photographic equipment, and not a specific cameramaker. This Hong Kong-made camera is rather well-build with a glossy chrome body. I think the overall design is similar to other cameras like some Chinons, Konica's,...probably coming from the same factory.

N°250 : Kodak Pocket A1 Camera

Kodak Pocket A1 Camera
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Very cheap and plastic point-to-shoot camera, works on 110-filmcartridges. The color of the button is yellow, Agfa has it orange, no confusion.

N°249 : Geva 66

Geva 66
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The Geva 66 is in fact a clone of the Bilora Bella 66. Probably made for Gevaert from Antwerpen, Belgium, to sell it togheter with their production of films and papers. Around 1960. The company becomes later Agfa and was for while the worldleader in photographic films.

N°248 : Yashica 107 Multi Program

Yashica 107 Multi Program
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In the period that the Slr begun to be in plastic, here is the Yashica version of it, also with a motordrive. To pimp a bit the dullness of it, I mounted the camera with a 35mm Carl Zeiss Distagon, the mount is Contax/Yashica and fits perfectly.

N°247 : Exa-IIb

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Sadly, the curtain-mechanism of this DDR-design slr is broken. The lens is a high-value Pancolar zebra lens, prized for it's nice bokeh and sharpness that tend to be close to the Planar. The lensmount is Exacta, notice that this version doesn't have the shutter extension of similar mounted lenses.

N°246 : Olympus XA

Olympus XA
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This camera in one of the best design of compact rangefinder there is, half-manual setting whitout the complication of slr, small, strong, and the incredible sharpness of his lens. Thank you Mister Yoshihisa Maitani !

N°245 : Yashica ME1 : Braziiiiiiiiiillllllllll.

Yashica ME1 : Braziiiiiiiiiillllllllll.
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At my knowledge as cameracollector, this is the only camera that is labelled (made in) "Brasil".

Saturday, 30 July 2011

N°244 : Olympus OM10 Combo

Olympus OM10 Combo
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Found on a fleamarket for 20 Euro, nice Olympus OM10-set with the manual shutter speed addon, one of the smallest motordrive for this type of slr-combo.

N°243 : Praktica BX20

Praktica BX20
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Last type of SLR produces by Pentacon, 1987-1990, the body is in robust ABS-plastic, a bit like the body of the russian Horizon202. The is a funny DDR-advertising for this camera on Youtube :

N°242 : Beirette

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East-German style simple point to shoot camera. The next model was the massproduction and infamous Beirette VSN. This small boy looks strong and rather well made. Beirette is a french combination of Beier and "ette", what means the small one from Optical Beier.

N°241 : Size matters.

Size matters.
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Sigma DP1 with Starblitz MEGA flash. The 28mm viewer is selfmade with a kodak single-use camera leftover. Saves about 120 Euro from my wallet!

N°240 : World's Ugliest Camera.

World's Ugliest Camera.
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I think that the Chinese designer of this monster was the latest of his class! This is one, is my ugliest fleamarket findings. It has the look of a SLR, who is not, the size of a VHS camera, who is not, and made of the cheapest and dullest plastics. The ergonomics are made for mineworkershands, the film and lens are not motodriven, and the 50mm lens has an aperture of f 6.3 (waaou), with the big on/off switch on the front you can turn on the flash for lowlight situations. It cracks and has a sturdy manual filmwinding-mechanism that turns the film in pieces in no time, some aperture settings are aviable. This camera was made as a gift, copying an cloning the look of the all-automatic machines from the years 90'-00', I think.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

N°239 : Megaview

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Only the size of this plastic camera is mega. It's shaped like a steeringwheel of a F1, maybe produced by the same chinese factory that is making steering-wheels for Playstations or Nintendo's...

N°238 : Gear of War

Gear of War
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For the upcoming days I will use this combo, to shoot some pics at the Shadowplay Gothic Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Leica M8, Heliar 15mm (20mm equiv fullframe), Leitz 21mm viewer, flash-shoe adapter, body to flash adapter, and finally this strange looking Braun flash, used especially to have a nice flash-vignetting effect.