Monday, 16 April 2012

N°304 : Minolta 7000 AF

Minolta 7000 AF
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I personally like more the square design of the 7000 AF, then he rounded ones from their followers in the analoge Dynax range. I like this camera a lot, and it's my favorite of the "chunky heavy" plastics of the late 80's.

N°303 : Canomatic, this is Not what you Think it is!

Canomatic, this Not what you Think it is!
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It's a fake DSLR with a piece of iron to make it heavy, but it's also a perfectley working camera. It has a shutter, a lens, a viewer, a motorized film-winding mechanism, a flash-shoe, aperture setting, exposure-counter, timer, why complaining?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

N°302 : Leica M8 + Industar-69

Leica M8 + Industar-69
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This Russian Industar-69 lens, is made for the halfframe camera Chaika. Set on a Leica M8, the 28mm, becomes a 35mm equivalent. The funny thing about this lens, is it's Lomo-like features, blurry edges and a big vignetting wide open. The lens had to be rectified to have a correct depth of field, adapted to the LTM system. It's not coupled so when shooting wide open, the distance has to be set manually and rather correctly, it's not a big issue because it's a wide lens.

Do I have turned my beloved Leica M8, to a digital LCA ? The answer is YES!