Sunday, 18 December 2011

N°300 : Muscle Cam : Samsung 815 Pro

Muscle Cam : Samsung 815 Pro
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At his time this bridge had it all better then the rest :

- 3 Viewers : TFT, bridge-viewer and top.
- Biggest Lithium Battery : + 500 shots.
- Biggest display screen : 3.5 TFT.
- Biggest zoom : 15x optical Schneider-Kreuznach.

Even the poor ISO-max of 400 did not interfer with the very good image quality of the beast.

Samsung did it again!

(Ok, they copy the Sony DSC-F828 a bit, bit I forgive them.)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

N°299 : And now I'm a professional, Fuji S2 Pro.

And now I'm a professional, Fuji S2 Pro.
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Dated from Januari 2002, this DSLR from Fuji has it all : Nikon F-mount, the technical aspects of a modern DSLR, a 6 Million pixels honeycomb sensor that can be interpolated to 12 Million pixels, and 6 batteries! A bit slow while recording, a rather small display, but for 90 Euro I cannot complain! (Thanks to Björn Pira for the sell)

N°298 : Kodak CX7525, break your display.

Kodak CX7525, break your display.
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Back to the analog way that Lomography calls their rule : the surprise of taken pictures by a shitty camera after fimprocessing. I have another rule : break the display of your shitty digital camera...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

N°297 : Leica M8 for Infrared Combo

Leica M8 for Infrared Combo
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The main problem with infrared photography is that the wellknown R72 filter is damned dark. I bought this filter thinking is was an easy way on my DSLR. But I was wrong, in broad daylight there is nothing to see... So puzzeling around in my photogear I made this combo : Leica M8, an Nikon F-mount adapter to LTM and for the lens a Nikon Serie E 28mm, 1 : 2.8. The rangefinder can be used and everything is clear! The lens is not the fastest but it works very well and it has the "red dot" needed for actual infrared focussing.

Here the link to an example.

The sensor is not to bad to infrared, some postprocessing is needed.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

N°296 : Emeric's Gift : Rollei SL35 M

Emeric's Gift : Rollei SL35 M
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Just to thank Emeric Debusschere for the gift., I wish him strenght for his forthcoming medical intervention en recovery.

Emeric Debusschere is the guitarist of Diskonnekted,