Saturday, 17 December 2011

N°298 : Kodak CX7525, break your display.

Kodak CX7525, break your display.
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Back to the analog way that Lomography calls their rule : the surprise of taken pictures by a shitty camera after fimprocessing. I have another rule : break the display of your shitty digital camera...

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Uhuh, it was great figuring the TFT on some early chinese "FAJUTA C-20" or the like was something that would never be missed if it was broken - and it did some 5 years ago - just turn it facewards to the scene and shoot. The lens is wide as what, and then later I just crop the 2-something megapixel images, sharp and good enough for posting FB lomographies. Why go outside getting dust on my Nikon D7100, anyway?