Sunday, 27 December 2009

N°117 : Actionsampler

Overpriced packaging.

Bought for 1 Euro, Diksmuide, Belgium.

N°116 : Diana F

Original Diana F, with retro packaging. Not the overpriced one from lomography. I went to Paris and saw these lomography Diana's in Centre Pompidou's design shop and at Virgins Megastore...for 12 times the price of the fleamarket...
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°115 : Minolta Wheatermatic A

Ceci n'est pas une pipe, c'est une camera.(Hommage à Magritte)

Free from Ebay.

N°114 : Vivitar UWS + Leitz 21mm viewer

A bit of Irony

Vivitar UWS : Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°113 : That's All Folks!

110 Toycamera.

Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°112 : I Exclude Leica.

Konica RF + LTM/M42 Adapter + Tokina 17mm + Heliar 15mm Viewer.

Konica RF : Bought for 350 Euro, Ebay.
LTM/M42 Adapter : Bought for 25 Euro, Ebay.
Tokina 17mm : Bought for 15 Euro, Westende, Belgium.
Heliar 15mm Viewer : Bought for 12 Euro (camera+viewer+15mm Heliar), Westende, Belgium.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

N°111 : Canon's Genom, it s not what you think it is.

Found on a fleamarket in Bruges Belgium, this could be a c lassic used Canon FTb, but the rare and exeptional thing on it, is the lens : a Meyer Lydith 30mm 3.5 originally mounted with an Exacta baoyonet, and fitted with an original Canon MD/Exacta-mount adapter. Notice the brass under the broken paint on the edges.
Bought for 40 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

N°110 : Agfa Happy

The antidepresscam from Agfa.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°109 : Beirette VSN

You use, you break, you let in a box for years and it's becoming a collectable item, as reminder of DDR designs.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

N°108 : Kodak Instamatic 60

Luxury, with his polished metal frame, and automatic camera using a hard to find battery Mallory 7R31. 110 Film.
Bought for 2 Euro, Brugge, Belgium.

N°107 : Olympus Superzoom AZ-300

You really have to love analoge photography to use this camera.
Bought for 3 Euro, Koekelaere, Belgium.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

N°106 : Werlisa Led

Made in Germany : no, it's not an Agfa, the shutterbutton is not orange but green.
Made in Singapore : no, it's not a Rollei XF, but it's a lookalike.
Made in Spain : YESSSSS, toreador prend garde à toi, toreador, toreador, ...garde à toi,...
Bought for 3 Euro, Koekelaere, Belgium.

N°105 : Bang, Bang,... Colt 44

I ain't got no father,
I ain't got no father,
I ain't got no father,
To buy the clothes I wear.
I'm a poor lonesome cowboy, (3x)
And a long ways from home.
I ain't got no mother,
To mend the clothes I wear.
I ain't got no sister,
To go and play with me.
I ain't got no brother,
To drive the steers with me.
I ain't got no sweetheart,
To sit and talk with me.
I'm a poor lonesome cowboy,
And a long ways from home.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°104 : Canon Canonet 28

I'm living in Catholic Belgium, so when was a 12 years old boy, I have been 2 years to "Catechese", means Catholic school, and after this you have "Confimation", what's mean that you are a mature Catholic and that you have the knowledge to be a real Catholic. Then you have to wear white monk dresses, walk with a candle in the streets, get some benediction in a church from a bald headed - maybe pedophile - priest, to finally become Catholic. This is one of my major drama's of my childhood. The camera I got as a present from my grandfather and grandmother, when I was confirmed was a Canon Canonet 28 god...
Bought for 2 Euro, Ieper, Belgium.

N°103 : Toyota 30 Years Panoramic Camera

Renault did it already, see :
Toyota copied it, but only for it's 30 years birthday.
Same camera, same idea, different colors.
Bought for 0,20 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°102 : Agfa Rapid

What a design, cut a brick in compartiments, paint it here and there grey, add a double cirkel with a lens in it, mould in a leatherette-like plastic, drill a hole on the side to insert the viewer and put a rapid cameramechanism in it. Don't forget the Agfa-logo. Thats the way Agfa's designer had to think,...I think....
Here a link to reload the rapidfilm :
Bought for 2 Euro, Veurne, Belgium.

N°101: Nikon F-801 for Fullframewannabies

It always has been in my mind to use many of my lenses on a fullframe digital camera. But there is a huge problem : they are dead-expensive. So, I found this big baby, with 3 Nikkor lenses on fleamarket for 75 Euro. It's still not digital fullframe, but at least, you can dream and cheat a bit. The size and the look of the Nikon F-801 is nearby the Nikon D700. Go on the net, find the D700 logo, print it out and paste it on the F-801 logo. Now you can go walking the streets and cheat all Nikonians with your creation, at 5% of the price of the new digital equivalent. If you really want pictures, put a film in the camera, but that's an option.
Bought for 75 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°100: Patrick Swayze's Colorshot Aqua

Not for real, but he could have use it in the movie Point Break. Bye, bye, my favorite actor.
Bought for 1 Euro, Klemskerke, Belgium.

N°99: Werra 1

Turn the wheel around the lens, to load the film and to arm the shutter. Carl Zeiss but Jena.
Bought for 10 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°98: Burgundy Olympus Mju

Special edtion of the Olympus Mju-II, with a burgundy color and goldy lettering. For people who likes luxury, wine and jewels, ...I guess...
Bought for 4 Euro, Woumen, Belgium.

Monday, 14 September 2009

N°97: Nikon AF

I have a deep metaphysical question about possesing this camera : To be a Nikonian or not to be...
Bought for 3 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°96: Chinon CE-4 Fisting

Chinon made this HUUUUUGE, zoom-lens addon, to increase the zoomfactor by 6x. This lens is pretty sharp.
Bought for 6 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°95: Noname ZOOM camera

No-name camera, at the end of the analoge age, chinese manufactors produces all automatic cameras with zooms for deadcheap prices. The design is all teardrop rounded, whitout any angle. The zoom 35-50, is manual by rotating the wheel around the lens, no focus, winding and exposure automatic, dx-reading and the flash can be switched on or off by a button. Lensquality unknown, not a Summicron, but acceptable I presume. Viewfinder is great and nice to uses, zooms in and out, when rotating the wheel.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°94: Ricoh's Dart Vader

When Ricoh's is producing designer's icons like the Xobbox, it's just keeps it's design and makes it total black, same thing, other color, other plastic : Ricoh S-30.
Here you can see the Xobbox:
Bought for 3 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°93: Agfa Clack Snakeskin

It coul be be a fashion accessory for an aging Paris Hilton. The handbag-like strap is funny.
If Agfa has named the camera buy the noise the shutter makes, I would prefer something like : chlennng, toinnnggg, klinnnng, plounngg, crouinnngg, flouingg, glaoiunnggg, ........nnnnnnnngggg
Bought for 2 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°92: Minolta MG

The Japanese version of James Bond's Minox. Half-automatic coupled seleniummeter, flash addon for oneshot-bulbs, all polished metal, the film is very small : 10 x 14mm.
Bought for 20 Euro, Beauvoorde, Belgium.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

N°91: Squirting Camera

- Leak Proof, no need of tissues...
- Maxi squirts per filling, is this sexual?
- Shoots up to 25 feet, Yes, I can reach my neighbour...
- Pre-tested, from the poor guy of the factory.
- Warning : Choking Hazard
Bought for 1 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°90 : Yellow Renault

Buy a Clio, Laguna, Espace or Kangoo and get this wonderfull yellow 24mm panoramic camera. What a great idea from the french car company to promote their cars buy offering this superb camera. Lomography should do the same : offering a free car for any item bought from the lomoshop. Sellings would probably rise summits.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

Monday, 7 September 2009

N°89 : Agfa Optima I

Coupled seleniumcell with a red/green button-needle in the viewer, the coupling was also with the filmspeed. Designed in the line of the Voigtländers and others rangefinders from the 60's. The release button is "Magical".
Bought for 3 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°88 : Agfa Jsoly

Massproduct 6x6, but how do you pronounce JSOLY?
Yes, I know, it's easy, it's ISOLY, but the printer had no I no more so he took J instead...?...or was he Czech or Moldave or something?
Bought for 3 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°87 : Agfa Isolette

Compact made 6x6 folder, misses the parallax mesuring but it's a nice one. What the meaning of Isolette is, I still don't know, an Isolette is a transparent box to isolate babies when they premature or newborn to avoid infections.
Bought for 15 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°86 : Agfa Isola

Made by tons by Agfa, cheap made camera's, so they could sell their films...
Do remember Henry Ford and the Ford T, it's a bit the same, massproduction for the masses.
Bought for 2 Euro, Vosseslag, Belgium.

N°85 : Activ : All you need.

Generic camera with all you need : autofocus, automatic filmtransport, automatic exposure, dx-reading, automatic rewinding, pocketsized, flash, autofocus, red eye reduction,... optional : phone and MP3-reader.
Bought for 1 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°84 : The Klingon Camera : Minolta 7xi

Worf would be very happy to use this beast : it's oversized, heavy, the motorised zoom groins when used, the mirror makes noise like a blade on metal and the design is hardcore.
Bought for 5 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°83 : Fujica ST705

Nice halfautomatic slr from Fujica. Fujica is a bit underestimated for his cameras, in comparaision with Nikon, Canon, Minolta,..
M42 fitting and automatic f/.
Fujinon objectives are very good and can be reused with most of digital slr with an adapter.
Bought for 7 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°82 : Olympus Trip

Common classic from Olympus. Note that the design of the metallic upperplate is imitated on the digital version of the new Olympus Pen. Could Olympus drop the price of the last one, it would make a lot of people happy. For the moment I still buy deadscheap fleamarket analoge cameras.
Bought for 3 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°81 : Halina Paulette Electric

Hong-Kong's Halina Paulette, womenised version of Paul, is Electric, I still haven't found the wire to plug it on the net, but the uncoupled seleniummeter is working. The camera is heavily chromed and has a total lack of colors for it's design : it's all black, metal and white lettering. Maybe it's only made for b/w films?
Bought for 3 Euro, Westende, Belgium.

N°80 : Splitcam

For all who wants to associate analoge photography with...(I hate the name)
The camera has 2 sliders on the viewer and lens, you can rearm the shutter whitout winding the film and combine to make strange upside down, inversed picture, or whatever. Funny toycamera with sometimes nice results.
Bought with piggypoints, Lomoshop, shame on me.

N°79 : Zeiss Ikon Nettar

Zeiss Ikon massproduct "Nettar", added a additional parallax telemeter to have a correct focus.
Bought for 10 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°78 : Practika Sport

This reminds me of some advertising that associates cigarettes and sports. All automatic, a leftslider for the objective, a pushup for the flash, a pushdown for the shutter, and a red light to prepare the start and a green light when ready to go,... a lot of exercises for this past DDR-brand.
Bought for 5 Euro, Waregem, Belgium.

N°77 : Olympus Pen F

Why the Japanese uses a gothic letter for the F, I still don't know. Maybe they made the camera with the marketing idea to sell to some south-american gangsta'rapper tattooed gang, or to some clerical goup, or from the past colla... no, no this one goes to far...
The lightmeter is an add-on.
Bought for 15 Euro, Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

N°76 : Olympus Pen Electric Eye 3

The only difference I could find with the EE2, was inside the camera, a metallic plate to push down the film, was replaced by black synthethic foam. The color is black, the EE2 was grey. Somebody knows more...?
Bought for 4 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°75 : Olympus Pen Electric Eye 2

Second version, the bottomplate has disappeard and has a door. The counter is rotates just one by one, hotshoe present. The coupled selenium lightmeter has a wider exposition range.
Bought for 6 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

N°74 : Olympus Pen Electric Eye

First baby from the EE-serie, the bottomplate has to be removed for filmloading, no hotshoe for flash, the 72 halfframe counter rotates when winding the film. 28mm cropfactor 2, makes it a 56mm equivalent. Olympus didn't change much with their micro fourthird system.
Bought for 3 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

N°73 : Canon Formula 1

This is not a fast car, this is a Camera from Canon.
How fast would you go to get one of them?
Bought for 10 Euro, Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

N°72 : Signal Experience

This is the perfect example of a cheap promotional camera. The camera takes 4 pictures on a print with a small delay between the 4 exposures. This camera was bought togheter with a toothbrush, and 2 tubes of toothpaste for the price of 5 Euro, in a very nicely plastic made packaging. The Lomographic Society International sales the Actionsampler for 30 Euro. The case is closed, I prefer to brush my theets.
Free, Oostende, Belgium.

N°71 : Agfa Silette

Does Silette means "silly" and "small", I don't think so, it's a serious camera, with the legendary Apotar lens and Pronto shutter.
Bought for 4 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.

N°70 : Dacora Dignette

Gold coating on the viewer.
Digne means in french : fit, worthy, dependable, praiseworthy, reliable, trustworthy, dignified,...and ette is to make it smaller. So just combine both words and find out yourself the Dacora Dignette.
Bought for 5 Euro, Menen, Belgium.

N°69 : Canon Prima AS-1

When you encounter a shark and you d'like to take a picture of it, in your tropical divingtrip, be aware that the red circle around the objective could been seen by the fish as an agression. Especially the whitesharks are sensible to this. In their manual, Canon should mention it.
Bought for 6 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

N°68 : Aires Viscount

This noble Japanese has a High Coral 45mm 1/1,9 lens, pretty nice one they said.
The parallax finder has a golden coating, they said.
From Aires.
Bought for 4 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.