Friday, 26 June 2009

N°30 : Canon-FTb

Popular Canon, heavy camera, with a bottle-bottom huge glassed lens.
1971, I was just born.
Bought for 10 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

N°29 : Yashica Samurai

Exists for lefthanded and righthanded ergonomics : built-to-fit-the-hand for one-hand operation.
Halfframe SLR.
Not a videocamera, but an analoge filmcamera.
Has even a LCD display on his back.
Yashica technology at his bests.
Bought for 20 Euro, Ebay.

N°28 : Fujica Half

Very nice little fellow, with well shaped rounded edges and a leatherette that feels like sandpaper.
Automatic exposure with coupled seleniumcell, 72 (neverending) shots on a 35mm/36 film.

Bought for 6 Euro, Lo-Reninge, Belgium.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

N°27 : Practikarmy

New skin, printed from army design.

Bought for 7,5 Euro, Ieper, Belgium.

N°26 : Yashicat

Yashica + Fuzzy Skin = Yashicat.

Bought for 5 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°25 : Pentax S1a + Pentax Meter.

No Comment.
Bought for 10 Euro, De Haan, Belgium.

N°24 : Pentax S1a + another Pentax Meter.

No Comment.

Bought for 10 Euro, De Haan, Belgium.

N°23 : Che's Zenit-E

Viva la Revolucion, Red Filter in option.

Bought for 5 Euro, Oudenburg, Belgium.

N°22 : Full Metal Jacket

Bencini Koroll stripped.

Bought for 5 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°21 : Tweety-Cam

Bought for 1 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°20 : Don't worry, be happy Camera.

...or is it an Acid Camera?

Bought for 0,5 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°19 : Lubitel 2

Bought for 15 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°18 : Rollei Ratcam

Everything works, the reflector glass from the viewer has to be replaced, lenses are clear. I think I will replace the bad black paint by deep red. Third serie from Rollei TLR, 1932. Nearly 80 years old. German fantastic craftwork.

Bought for 20 Euro, Eernegem, Belgium.

N°17 : Nr 24 Brownie

Is the lens claer : No.

Is the camera clean : No.

Is it rusty : Yes.

Is the leatherette peeling : Yes.

Is the shutter working : Yes.

Are the viewerglasses missing : Yes.

Is the filmmechanism working : Yes.

Has the camera fungus? : Yes, everywhere.

Bought for 2 Euro, Waarschoot, Belgium.

N°16 : Call Me : Canon Dial

Precursor of the cameraphone?

N°15 : Veriwide & Very Wide

When 3 tenors of photographic equipment worked togheter, a legend was born.
The viewer is made by Leitz (Leica), the lens by Schneider-Kreuznach; that’s for the German part, and the case is from Brooks-Plaubel; the American part. The camera was made from the mid 50’s till the mid 60’s. About 30.000 were produced. On the camera you can see the inscription : New York – Frankfurt a/M, beautiful.
The Veriwide 100, has his name from the angle of view it takes : 100° and is ...very very wide.
This is the equivalent of a 18.5mm on 35mm film.
But the great thing about the camera is, it’s on medium format. You can shoot 7 images on a 120 film with a huge size of neg : 6x10cm, for every picture.
The camera is very compact for a mediumformat, weights a bit more then a kilogram and is easy to carry.
I found this camera in a pile of junk on a Belgian fleamarket. The shutter was broken. After Googling for a while, I found a camera-repairsman that could fix it. And there goes the camera with airpost, from Belgium to the US. After a month impatiently waiting the camera, I had a letter from the custom that they made an investigation on the camera and I had to explain from where this camera came, and why I have to send it to the US for repair. I still doesn’t understand... But the camera was wonderfully repaired and the glass was cleaned fine.
The lens has this softness that caracterise early lenses, when you shoot in the sun it’s vignetting, and the corners are a bit difformed, like you can have on a pinhole.
It has speeds from bulb till 1/500 sec and f 8 till 32. Enough to have a correct exposure on any circumstance.

Bought for 10 Euro, repaired for 140 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°14 : 24 x 24 : Altix

This Altix camera has the rare photographic negativesize of 24x24mm.
It allows you to shoot on a 24x36 film of 36 pictures, about 50 pictures of 24x24mm.
The camera is very compact and about the size of Olympus Pen.
There is no metering and the shutter must be loaded manually after winding the film by one of the 2 upper rollers.
Is it an alternative for the 6X6, probably not but rather a tryout from Altix to open a new market with this new format.
The viewer is really small and doesn't have parralax compensation.
The Altix is nicely finished with at the back german inscription how to open the can and to relase the film.

Bought for 30 Euro, Ebay.

N°13 : Sonnar + Zeiss + 24x24 : Tenax

Who can beat the Tenax?

Bought for 40 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°12 : Goldy Pentina

Could be a drag queen name.
(The black leatherette was in a very bad state, ripped off, replaced by a golden one)

Bought for 5 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°11 : Nikon F Photomic

Mint, no comment.

Bought for 4 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.

N°10 : Idiotica

Cheap ZeissIkon with Tessar lens.
The symbols must made the camera easy to use, that's why Symbolica.
Idiotica was the name given by the ZeissIkon engineers.
A highend lens Tessar on a cheap camera, Carl must have gone rampant with this one.

Bought for 4 Euro, Adinkerke, Belgium.


When Ricoh's design goes transparent and colorful.

Bought for 5 Euro, Stalhille, Belgium.

N°8 : Petri Racer

Something wrong?
By his name it should be a fast camera.
When you use the wideangle convertor on the camera, the lightmeter cell is covered by the addonlens.
Well, to make a good exposure, you have to meter the light first, adjust aperture and speed, screw the converter on the camera, plug the viewer on the flashshoe, and take a view and shoot.
That was fast...
Oh, I forget,... I don't know how many stops down do I have to compensate the addon lens?
Technology at his best.

Bought for 5 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°7 : Caramba, it's a Miranda.

It's not Mexican, it's Japanese and the sunshade is not a sombrero.
Bought for 10 Euro, Ardooie, Belgium.

N°6 : Voigtlander Vitoret EL


Bought for 2 Euro, Bruges, Belgium.

N°5 : Red Leica

Selfmade red leatherette.

Bought for 220 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°4 : Million Dollar Digital Camera

Designed like a handsoap...Memory supports 25 high-resolution picture(640x480)...Works with 2 AAA batteries... Photoimpressions v5.0 is the software...Digital pinhole cam...

Bought for 2 Euro, Ostend, Belgium.

N°3 : Bilora Bella Blue

Strange colors on this little fellow. Uses 124 rollfilm.
Bought for 2 Euro, Vlissegem, Belgium.