Monday, 25 June 2012

N°316 : Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic A

Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic A
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Nice 126-cartridges camera, plastic and chromes, it has a selenium-meter that controls the aperture, and a hotshoe for the flash.

N°315 : Nikon Pronea S

Nikon Pronea S
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This is a very nice lightweight, fully plastic and full of option SLR, unluckily working with APS film. The good news is that the lens has a Nikon-mount and can be used with Nikon Digital.

N°314 : Minolta 110 Slr Zoom

Minolta 110 Slr Zoom
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This small space-ship from the end of the 70's, is a SLR with pentaprism, working with 110-film. It looks like a flattened 35mm film SLR. Hope I can resell it on a higher price that I bought it, thanks to Lomography and their revival of 110-film.

N°313 : Canomatic & Canon Twins

Canomatic & Canon Twins
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Not really or...

N°312 : Chicco

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This is a toycamera!

N°311 : Foca Sport II

Foca Sport II
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Nice litlle rangefinder, if you look closely the left viewer, you can imagine the years of dust accumulation...

N°310 : Polaroid Swinger

Polaroid Swinger
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Not gangbangging with this Polaroid, just a big unelegant piece op plastic.

N°309 : Butterflycamera

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Found on a fleamarket, this rather boring Dacora 35mm camera, was made beautiful with this great butterfly artwork.

Friday, 8 June 2012

N°308 : Agfa Family

Agfa Family
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Strange looking filmcamera/camera. Fully in plastic. The right hand holds the camera with the grip beneath, and the left hand can makes pictures : orange button, or movies on 8mm cartridges, black button. No zoom.

N°307 : Konica EFJ Auto Date

Konica EFJ Auto Date
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Nice looking automatic camera from Konica. It's also named Konica Pop and exists in red plastic. The filmwinder is on the bottomplate and at the back there is an electronic date-system to print the date of the shooting on the negative.

N°306 : Tickyphot 35

Tickyphot 35
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Another variation of the Regula King Sporty BC. This model doesn't have the fake selenium-meter of his companion. The lens and shutter mechanism is identical, the plate around the lens is more squared and there is a weird yellow plastic emblem with a electronic lookalike (?) logo on it.

N°305 : Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket
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This camera resumes a lot of tricks that Lomography promotes as creativity : panorama sized negatives, a platic holder can be de-attached so the full film is exposed resulting in sprocketholes, the winder is rather challenging and not very precise what results in overlapping exposures, the filmwinder is not connected with the shutter, so multi-exposures are quit easy, there is a flash mount and finally a b-exposure for low light. Experiments, experiments,...