Tuesday, 23 June 2009

N°14 : 24 x 24 : Altix

This Altix camera has the rare photographic negativesize of 24x24mm.
It allows you to shoot on a 24x36 film of 36 pictures, about 50 pictures of 24x24mm.
The camera is very compact and about the size of Olympus Pen.
There is no metering and the shutter must be loaded manually after winding the film by one of the 2 upper rollers.
Is it an alternative for the 6X6, probably not but rather a tryout from Altix to open a new market with this new format.
The viewer is really small and doesn't have parralax compensation.
The Altix is nicely finished with at the back german inscription how to open the can and to relase the film.

Bought for 30 Euro, Ebay.

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