Wednesday, 16 September 2009

N°101: Nikon F-801 for Fullframewannabies

It always has been in my mind to use many of my lenses on a fullframe digital camera. But there is a huge problem : they are dead-expensive. So, I found this big baby, with 3 Nikkor lenses on fleamarket for 75 Euro. It's still not digital fullframe, but at least, you can dream and cheat a bit. The size and the look of the Nikon F-801 is nearby the Nikon D700. Go on the net, find the D700 logo, print it out and paste it on the F-801 logo. Now you can go walking the streets and cheat all Nikonians with your creation, at 5% of the price of the new digital equivalent. If you really want pictures, put a film in the camera, but that's an option.
Bought for 75 Euro, Oostende, Belgium.

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