Saturday, 30 July 2011

N°240 : World's Ugliest Camera.

World's Ugliest Camera.
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I think that the Chinese designer of this monster was the latest of his class! This is one, is my ugliest fleamarket findings. It has the look of a SLR, who is not, the size of a VHS camera, who is not, and made of the cheapest and dullest plastics. The ergonomics are made for mineworkershands, the film and lens are not motodriven, and the 50mm lens has an aperture of f 6.3 (waaou), with the big on/off switch on the front you can turn on the flash for lowlight situations. It cracks and has a sturdy manual filmwinding-mechanism that turns the film in pieces in no time, some aperture settings are aviable. This camera was made as a gift, copying an cloning the look of the all-automatic machines from the years 90'-00', I think.

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