Tuesday, 29 November 2011

N°291 : Canomatic, the answer to Steve Jobs

Canomatic, the answer to Steve Jobs
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If you want to be part of a hype today, you need to buy : "Heavily Commercialised with A-lot-of Advertised Brand-Stamped Things that your Hyper Neighbour has and that you still not have, but will have, because it's Annoying that your Neighbour is Hyper then Yourself".

Ok besides this, it's a fake SLR and analog filmcamera.

It has 2 viewers, point-and-shoot and a topviewer.

It has a motorwinder, a automatic fash and a motorized zoom, wich I don't know the exact the focal-lenght, probably around 50mm.

To make a strong and heavy feeling, there is some metal pieces in it, that are coming loose after a while.

A nice Robocop-sound is made wen zooming and focussing(?).

The exposure is automatic and only works when the flash is up.

A digital LCD screen on top with : counter, selftimer, film-rewinder, red-eye reduction and some kind of remote controller.

The lens has a fantastic 50mm, 6.3 - 16 plastic pinhole free focus color made-in japan lens.

I just figured what the zoom does : it's a motorized aperture-mechanism for the exposure that is indicated on a small sticker with suns and clouds, you can use it by pushing 2 big red buttons forward and backwards...

I would call the it the Ultimate-I-Analoge-Camera.

Thanks for Jan Pattyn for the gift.

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