Wednesday, 4 August 2010

N°154 : T2 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good : Carl Zeiss Tessar 3,5/35
The Bad : Kyocera
The Ugly : Yashica

The camera looks awful, unsexy, made from cheap plastic, designless, it makes a very loud noise when the shutter is pushed on, and the film rewinds,..

Ok, it's an all automatic point to shoot camera,...

Carl Zeiss must have turned himself around in his coffin, if he saw this, I think...

The funny thing is that the cultlens is protected by a transparent plastic, as a protection when shooting. It moves to clear the lens en goes back afterward. Hard to clean when dust is in the back of it.

...thank you to the unknown engineer from Yashica or Kyocera for this...

Bought for 6 Euro, Loo, Belgium.

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Anonymous said...

One should rather not to shoot through the plastic protector. T4 dispensed with all this problems.