Thursday, 9 June 2011

N°210 : Mercury Univex II

Mercury Univex II
Originally uploaded by ishoothorizon

Latest gem in mij collection, the little boy camed with a stuck shutter, the WD-40 helped a lot to make it working again. Funny wheel-shutter, turning around with the same speed, the interval between the 2 slices of the wheel determines the reel shutterspeed, unique system. Windingknop left front, speed setting right, diaphragma and distance on the lensbarrel. Halfframecamera, 72 shots on regular film. The lens is 35mm, so in halfframe 70mm. The calculation of exposure and speed is very complicated if you refer to the tables on the back. Common in the US, rare in Europe. Aluminium alloy of very poor quality. 1958.

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